Preventive Care Specialists was founded by Joe Bellistri.

Joe Bellistri has been a wellness professional for over 15 years helping people create healthy lifestyle changes, specializing in
weight loss and corrective exercise. As the owner of Solution Fitness, a personal training facility, Joe collaborated with local
medical professionals to offer their patients a safe and professional environment to lead a healthy life.

For over 8 years, Solution Fitness has been partnering with many different medical professionals including physiatrists
(rehabilitation doctors), physical therapists, concierge doctors, general practitioners, and chiropractors.

During this time, Joe began to systemize the process Solution Fitness would use with clients and these medical referred
patients. The result…tried, tested, and proven strategies for getting results and helping people live healthier lives.

It is these systems that have evolved into the Concierge Fitness Coach program. Today, Preventive Care Specialists offer
these wellness systems to medical professionals so they can be delivered direct to patients.

Joe Bellistri has also authored (2) books: Health and Wellness Today, (Co-Authored) and Strength Starts Within You (Author).

He also has presented a “Health in the Workplace” series and presented to medical professionals on proper exercise selection,
program design concepts, and exercise technique.

When Joe is not consulting with his medical professional clients, he enjoys time with his family (his wife, twins, and 2 dogs),
exercising, and playing golf.