Healthy Made Easy
The Concierge Fitness Coach Wellness Portal is the first ever, all-inclusive, healthy-living support program designed especially for Concierge Doctors to help their patients make life-saving habit changes between office visits.
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Our Program is Like Having
Lifestyle Coaches, Personal Trainers, and Nutritionists Right on Staff!
Weekly Health Guidance
& Virtual Lifestyle Coach

Patients stay on track via weekly, emailed proven strategies for behavior/habit change that allow for immediate implementation. Real solutions for their most common issues with change.

Meal Plans, App & Weekly Coaching
& Virtual Nutritionist

Over 100 meal-plan options, access to an easy-to-use app for use on-the-go, a grocery list for convenient shopping, and a meal-tracking option. PLUS an online accountability community for support.

Proprietary Fitness Program
& Virtual Personal Trainer

A database consisting of hundreds of exercise programs meeting goals, needs, and availability. A unique exercise tracking software to monitor progress, PLUS an accountability feature.

Access to Our Experts
Your patients get full question/answer access to our expert professional staff including a lifestyle coaches, personal trainers, and nutrition experts. Get answers to pressing issues.
Science-Based Solutions

Patients receive regular touch points, reinforced positive messages, and the support to make life-saving change possible through solutions based in behavioral & habit-change science.

Materials for In-Office Displays

Bridge in-office visits and at-home preventive care by highlighting your wellness program and offering solutions to patients' most common issues with our easily-distributed print materials.

"This is everything we try to recommend but cannot do internally."
"The consistent touch points keep us top of mind...real exercise programs, nutrition, meal plans, motivation, healthy living plans...this is everything we try to recommend but cannot do internally. This program has helped get that message to our patients."

Tony Cioce, MD
Concierge Doctor
Want to know more?
"My patients have had excellent results
& universally rave about the great experience"
"What has always impressed me most is the attention to detail and the systematized approach in designing strategies that maximize the benefit and minimize the risk of injury. My patients have had excellent results and universally rave about the great experience."

Gregory J Mulford, MD, Medical Director
Chairman, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine